DMS volumes are tools for historical research and rural and urban planning. The information produced is important also for cultural environmental protection and for the transfer of knowledge by museums to the public.

Two source materials are of primary importance: medieval charters and the crown’s rent rolls ('landskapshandlingar' or 'King Gustav Vasas Cadasters'). Digital resources at the National Archives about the Middle Ages in Sweden, in particular the SDHK database, are of great significance for the work of DMS. SDHK and the crown’s rent rolls are freely available. Through new digital tools under construction at the National Archives (see TORA) the availability of the information resource built by DMS will increase considerably in the future.

For access to already published DMS volumes and a map showing published areas and areas presently under work, see Publishing DMS in the submenu to the left.

More information about the sources and the structure of the volumes is available at More about DMS in the submenu to the left.

Medieval Source Editions

DMS and Diplomatarium Suecanum (DS) form the section 'Medieval Source Editions' at the National Archives. We have an archive and a library holding substantial documentation about medieval charters focused on (Nordic) medieval history and the publishing of medieval records. Researchers may visit our library. Please contact us at the phone number +46 10 476 73 11 (weekdays 9–16) or e-mail: medeltid[at]

Please note that the National Archives in Stockholm is closed due to renovations during the period May 31 until September 1 2024!

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