Annika Bjorklund DMS

Annika Björklund

Ph. D., editor

Annika is a researcher in human geography, with a particular focus on historical geography. She received her PhD at Stockholm University in 2010 and has worked as a lecturer there. Her research interests concern historical landscapes and urban agriculture. Within the DMS series she has published DMS 1:10 about Håbo hundred and Sigtuna in Uppland (2014) and DMS 7 covering the entire province of Värmland (2018, two volumes). She is now working with the western part of the province of Västmanland: Åkerbo hundred and the towns Arboga and Köping.

annika.bjorklund[at], phone: +46 10 476 71 26

Hanna Kjallstrom

Hanna Källström

Dr. Theol., editor

Hanna has an undergraduate degree in theology and art history at Uppsala University and received her PhD in practical theology at Lund University in 2011. Her dissertation, in Swedish, explores the cathedrals of Linköping and Lund as places of worship in the late Middle Ages. Her research has mainly concerned late medieval churches, devotional practises and the cult of saints from a lay perspective. In the DMS series she has published two books about hundreds in the province of Södermanland: DMS 2:4 (2014) and 2:6 (2016), and one book about hundreds in the province of Uppland: DMS 1:11 (2021). She is now working on a book about Långhundra and Ärlinghundra hundreds in Uppland.

hanna.kallstrom[at], phone: +46 10 476 72 99


Christian Lovén

Associate professor, editor

Christian is associate professor in art history, and his research involves mainly medieval architecture and history. During recent years, he has conducted research on Uppsala cathedral, narrative written sources, the establishment of convents and churches and the cult of saints. In 2015, he published DMS 4:6 about Ydre hundred, in 2017 a special study about the monastery Vårfruberga and in 2020 DMS 2:7 about Åkers hundred and Strängnäs city. He is at present working with the hundreds Väster- and Österrekarne in Södermanland.

christian.loven[at], phone: +46 10 476 71 47

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