The Diplomatarium was transferred to the National Archives in 1976. Since then, the editors have had the privilege of discussing the editorial work with an advisory board. The meetings deal with both problematic details in the texts and with more general observations on the charter texts and the editorial work. The board normally meets in conjunction with the release of a new book in the Diplomatarium main series. The board is appointed by the National Archivist for a period of three years.

The board has the following members during the three-year period 20202022:


Olle Ferm, prof. em., Stockholm University
Anders Winroth, prof., Yale University


Maria Berggren, ass. prof., head of unit, Uppsala University Library
Gunhild Vidén, prof., University of Gothenburg

Nordic Languages

Lennart Elmevik, prof. em., Uppsala University
Staffan Nyström, prof., Uppsala University

The meetings are chaired by the National Archivist. Additional management representatives can be co-opted to the meetings.

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