Notariatsmärke SDHK 19623The Diplomatarium Suecanum Main Catalogue, SDHK

Facts about Swedish charters or charters concerning Sweden can be found in the Diplomatarium Suecanum Main Catalogue (SDHK). This digital register contains information about more than 44,000 charter texts and offers a variety of search options, including personal names, place names, dates, and significant facts. Moreover, it is possible to search in all charter texts published thus far in the Diplomatarium main series and in the supplementary series concerning the years 1401–1420. In the SDHK the user will always find detailed information on the history of the charters, i.e. how and in what form they have been preserved, and in many cases references to relevant secondary literature. More information about SDHK may be reached via the left hand menu.
SDHK catalogue

Old Swedish bibliography and Swedish runic bibliography

The database Fornsvensk bibliografi contains data on secondary literature / literary aids to the Old Swedish texts. The database Svensk runbibliografi is devoted to literature dealing with runic inscriptions from Sweden. Since April 2013, the databases are accessible through the National Archives website.
Old Swedish bibliography and Swedish runic bibliography 

The Medieval Sweden

Published volumes in the series Det medeltida Sverige (The Medieval Sweden) are accessible in pdf on the site Utgivning DMS.

Province records

In the crown's rent rolls ('landskapshandlingar' or 'King Gustav Vasas Cadasters'), every farm in each province was registered from the 1530s and onwards. The provincial records are an important source material for the editors of the Medieval Sweden book series. 'Landskapshandlingarna' have been digitised and are available in the National Archives Database.


TORA – Topographical register at the National Archives – is a projekt concerning historical settlements in Sweden. Using linked data technologies, the goal is to increase, simplify and improve the use of historical sources in research and applications.

Digitised medieval manuscripts

In the National Archives Database, some of the medieval manuscript volumes are digitally available, such as the copy books in the series ”Codices A”.
A 21, Kopiebok från Vadstena kloster

Medieval Book Fragments (MPO)

The Swedish National Archives houses a collection of many thousand medieval book fragments. The fragments were used as wrappers for the accounts of the Swedish adminstration from the 1530s until around 1630. The books came from medieval churches and monasteries and became useless after the Reformation. At the same time the bailiffs of King Gustav Vasa needed strong wrappers for their tax records, and for that purpose the leaves of the medieval books were suitable. The number of the medieval book fragments amount to c 23,000, most of which are still placed as wrappers for the same accounts as in the 16th century. The database contains a description of each fragment and, in most cases, also a scanned picture of the fragment.
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Corpus Reuelacionum Sancte Birgitte

In a project funded by the Kungl. Vitterhetsakademien (The Royal Academy of Letters) Saint Birgitta’s Revelations in Latin were made available (in 2004) on the internet via the National Archives website. Currently, the texts are being revised, and in the meantime they are only available as PDF files.
Corpus Reuelacionum Sancte Birgitte

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