bokst_DSIn the book series Svenskt Diplomatarium (Diplomatarium Suecanum), the Swedish medieval charters are edited in chronological order. The intention is to make the medieval texts, often difficult to read, as accessible as possible. The text editions are provided with a detailed summary of the contents in modern Swedish and accompanied by comments and notes.

The texts edited there are also accessible through the Diplomatarium Suecanum Main Catalogue (SDHK). SDHK contains information on more than 44,000 Swedish charters or charters relating to Sweden. More about the SDHK can be found via Digital resources in the left hand manu.

Additional information about medieval charters and the editing in the Diplomatarium Suecanum series is also accessible through the left hand menu.

The Diplomatarium books can be ordered through the National Archives online store.

Medieval Source Editions – library and archives

The Diplomatarium Suecanum and the Medieval Sweden constitutes the Department of Medieval Source Editions at the Swedish National Archives. The department has extensive documentation about medieval charters: there are collections of pro memoria, registers and photocopies as well as a library specialised in (Nordic) medieval history, diplomatics and charter editions. It is primarily a reference and working library for the editors. Scholars may be given the opportunity to work in the library.

The Diplomatarium Suecanum and the Medieval Sweden can be contacted by telephone number + 46 (0)10 476 7311 (weekdays 9 am – 4 pm) or by e-mail medeltid[at]

Please note that the National Archives in Stockholm is closed due to renovations during the period May 31 until September 1 2024!

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