Common Specifications (CS) for e-archiving and e-records management

All documents published are in Swedish, all XML-schemas are in English.
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What is a CS?

A CS describes the demands of metadata for the information and the packaging of the information into Information Packages (IP). They can also be used for Procurement and development of  e-archive systems and agency systems.

Illustration of the full FGS model 

The National Archives of Sweden maintains the CS

The work with CS is led by the CS function. The function A function in the Public Information Management department of the National Archives of Sweden. All work is carried out in cooperation with the public sector to fulfil the demand of the CS working for all. More information in Swedish is found in the “Guidance document”.

CS Function

The function consist of three employees:
Karin Bredenberg, an expert in metadata who at the same time is responsible for the CS work
Jan Aspenfjäll, an expert in metadata
Tomas Wallin, administrator/coordinator/metadata specialist in training

We can be contacted by sending a mail to:

Background of CS

A pre-study ordered by the E-delegation and delivered in February 2011 come to the conclusion that a project regarding e-archiving and e-records management led by the National Archives of Sweden (NAS) should be set up. In the fall of 2011 we saw the start of the project eARD (e-archving and e-records management), which as the result delivered drafts for CS regarding; package structure, records management and personnel systems. The project ended in the summer of 2014 and the CS function was set up.

CS already used

The CS are of a big interest in the public sector. in 2012 the draft CS was used for procurement of e-archives by the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. Presentations and more information regarding the concept of CS has been given to among others, the archival agencies in Norway, Estonia and Hungary.

Information about CS

The function takes part in conferences with e-archiving themes as much as we can to give presentations about CS. We also have a news letter in Swedish. The news letters and registration for it can be found the news letter page.




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